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Hummr Referral Explained

All users can find their referral code in Settings->Refer & Earn. When someone clicks on your link, it'll download the app to the user's device. Then the user creates his account and logs in. When the user logs in, the referral money is immediately transferred to the referrer's wallet. If the user creates his account and does not login, no referral money is obtained in this case.

How it works


Refer your friends

It's easy - share your links via social media


Your friends enroll

Friends sign up and log in


You earn money

Seamlessly receive your referral money for each friend who enrolls

The referral link has a validity period and it is shown in the Refer & Earn page. The referrer will not be paid the referral money after the expiration of the link. The validity period of the referral link may be extended depending on the compnay's need to continue the referral program.

The referral money can be transferred to user's PayPal account. Minimum amount that can be transferred is USD 10. The PayPal fees will be deducted from the user's total amount.

Hummr reserves the right to exempt anyone from the referral program by notifying the user via Hummr in-app notification system at the time of exemption. This step is usually taken if someone is found creating fake accounts from referral link or abusing the program in any other way. Money earned till the exemption from the program will remain in the user's wallet.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to Contact Us. Thank you.