Kesha Khambholja

Android Developer, Corific Technologies


Clearly, our lives are shaped by various experiences we have encountered. Good and bad memories play a significant role in altering the outlook we have towards our lives as well as future. It is pertinent to affirm that if our experiences were different our perceptions about life would be different. Personally, I have had various experiences that have structured my life.

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Personal Information

  • Name: Kesha Khambholja
  • Date of birth: 03 October 1996
  • Nationality: Citizen of India
  • Address: Daman
  • Email:

Work Experience

Dec 2017 - Present

Android Developer

Corific Technologies, Full-Time

July 2017 - Dec 2017


CIT (Corporate Interface Team)

Trained in Forex market (currency and Commodity Market)


2017 - Present

IIBS College Mysore university


2015 - 2017

VNSGU University

BBA Finance

Technical Skills


Beginner, 2 years

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MySQL & Database Connectivity

Beginner, 2 years

Made a reception program for hotels using database connectivity

Adobe Photoshop

Expert, 4 years

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Gujrat, India