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Hummr Chat Explained

When someone starts chat or call with you on Hummr, you get paid according to your chat and call rates by the person who started chat or call. You do not pay anything for responding to someone's chat. If you want to switch the chat start user, use the 'End Chat' button in chat window. When you have ended the chat, the other person can't message you until he/she presses the 'Start Chat' button.

Let’s say User A has set his chat price $0.2/msg and User B has set his chat price $0.1/msg. If User A starts chat with User B then User A is charged $0.1/msg. If User B responds to the chat then he/she doesn’t pay User A anything regardless of his set prices. Only the chat starter user pays. Both users have the option to end chat by using the end chat button. If either user ends chat then no messages will be delivered in that chat until someone starts chat again by using the start chat button. Chat starter user can be switched by ending and restarting chat. Money is deducted from chat starter user’s wallet and same amount is transferred to the receiver’s wallet and the amount reflects in both users’ wallets instantly. If there isn’t sufficient balance in the wallet then messages won’t be delivered. The amount payable in a chat always shows at the top of the chat window. If you have any further queries, please feel free to Contact Us. Happy chatting! Thanks